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We are a Finnish company BS Rakennus OY. Our company specializes in the assembly of apartment buildings from concrete elements, pouring foundations as well as monolithic structures. We have extensive experience in Europe and Scandinavia. The main qualities of the company BS Rakennus Oy are quality and time. We also provide services related to laying laminate flooring and parquet board.
Our partners are Lujatalo OY, T2H, Romanoff Oy, Heikinen Oy, Settle Create Oy.

Assembly of apartment buildings from concrete elements

Tile foundation


Casting monolithic structures


Laying laminate flooring
and parquet board


BS Rakennus OY

Y-tunnus: 2929137-4
CEO: Andrei Sapoval

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Phone: (+372) 58 41 41 44 ( rus, ing )

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